Tuesday, March 15, 2011

How Sex Killed Society

so the last night I was having a conversation with Mike about a sad epiphany I had the other day and he suggested that I start writing some of my ideas down in a blog so that I can regain that intellectual stimulation I feel I've lost since being out of school. so here's to the first of many (hopefully)...

How Sex Killed Society

So we were listening to oldies on the way home from San Diego and I realized something that the so-called feminist in me shuttered to think. I realized that the sexual revolution in the '60's is the cause of the sad state of our society with regards to popular culture. I look around me at the icons young girls have to look up to like Kesha and the like, and I just mourn our demise. In listening to oldies, I noticed a common theme from male and female artists alike: love and romance. This theme lies in stark contrast to the over-arching theme of todays music which seems to revolve around getting drunk and being slutty. The question that came to me in recognizing this contrast is: what happened socially that shifted the popular culture paradigm from expounding the virtues of being classy and demure and singing the wonders of puppy love and first kisses to a paradigm that is over-run with tales of drunken debauchery and sleazy late night encounters? The answer: the sexual revolution. Now don't get me wrong, as a woman I believe that we should be able to make our own choices and should not be cloistered to prevent sexual freedom. When I stop agreeing is when that sexual freedom transforms into an excuse for a lack of personal accountability, and teaches the youth that the only way to have fun is to go out get drunk and sleep with a random stranger. Now the ideals behind the sexual revolution were valid: a woman should be able to have sex like a man, a woman should be free to express herself how she pleases and a woman should be able to do these things free from societal judgement. But the reality of the situation is that the sexual revolution has led to many women turning to sex to fill the self-esteem void and this, in turn, gives society permission to treat women as objects. ...more to come

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