Monday, April 30, 2012

Another Round of April Photos

circle (wood in our backyard from the trees that were cut down last month)

something you drew


last thing you bought

vegetables (and technically looking down)

It's Monday and I'm tired already, so I'll post more tomorrow.  (and an 8 month post at some point this week)

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pin it Do It: Painted Collage

So last week I was out sick one day and bored so I decided I would paint something.  Not having the energy to actually do a good job painting something, I remembered this pin and decided it was time to cut into the huge stack of magazines I have been saving for ever and a day. 


 So the point is that you make a collage and then make a stencil, cover the collage with your stencil and paint over the rest.  In our kitchen dining room we have a few lemon themed items and I have been trying to continue the theme.  I took this collage idea a step further.  First I drew a rough outline of what I wanted.  I traced the outline I drew on the canvas onto regular printer paper for later use.  Then I strategically ripped up pages from magazines that would match the color of the items in my painting and brushed them onto my canvas with a paint brush and slightly watered down elmer's glue.  I made sure to glue scraps to the entire canvas to ensure that the texture was the same across the entire thing.  While it was drying, I cut out the outlines of the images on the printer paper.  Once the glue on the canvas was dry, I used painter's tape to temporarily attach the stencils over the canvas and painted the negative space with a thick solid color mix of gesso and acrylic paint.  So here's the final product (which I plan to sell on etsy if anyone is interested, I'll post an update to the post one day this week with the link to my shop for anyone who wants to check it out).