Saturday, May 5, 2012

8 months

So I am a little late on the monthly Parker updates, but better late than never, right?

For this month's pictures, I decided to change up the scenery a bit, mostly because trying to get a self-mobile 8-month-old to sit still on the bed while I take pictures is not a realistic plan. 

Upon this decision, I started thinking about the changing landscape of our home and of our lives that directly correlates to the changes we see every day in Parker. 

 He has transitioned from this tiny 7lb 9oz sleepy ball of personality waiting to emerge, subject to the whims of our imaginary futures full of 'and won't it be so cute when he is older and acts like this...'  Mike and I spent nine months dreaming about this person who was yet to be. 

Now that he is here, its not like we've stopped imagining what he'll be like down the line, but these visions are more fluid, affected by the ripples of his personal development. 

We are so fortunate to have such a happy baby, and my hope is that his positive outlook will remain a constant throughout the years.  He is so curious about the world around him. 

It amazes me to watch him explore the uncharted territory of his new world, to watch him touch and feel and stare and analyze the information at his fingertips (which most often leads directly to his mouth).  It amazes me to think of the man that he will become, the man that started as this tiny baby infinitely curious about the world around him.

Now that I have gone on and on about the wonders of my child (of which I am sure most parents can relate to), I will keep true to form and give you a rundown of life at 8 months.

He pretty much doesn't stop, ever.  He is always on the move, always wanting to explore. 

He wants to walk, and really wants to climb. 

The other day he was trying to open Hailey's bedroom door (Hailey's room is pretty much the cave of wonders for him, with so many bright and color toys and of course his favorite of all playmates, his sister.  Even when she's not around he crawls to her room looking for her).  Mike took a video of him reaching for the doorknob, trying to figure out how to jump for it.  Dear goodness, don't let him learn how to walk, climb or jump yet! I don't think Mike and I could keep up!  He is gigantic, about 22 pounds at this point. 

He loves food and loves to be the one to feed himself.  I think he would live off of Cheerios if he could because he gets to put them in his mouth by himself (and because they are delicious, let's just be honest).  At this point he is eating a handful of cheerios, a full 4oz of solids and at least an 8oz bottle 4-5 times a day.  I don't even want to think about how much food he is going to graze through when he is a teenager.  He loves his dinosaur stuffed animals, his giant monkey and the little gray monkey.  He really loves music, and we recently figured out that his odd prolonged squeaks are his attempts at singing.  When I put on music, he crawls over to the bookshelf with the speakers, pulls himself up and dances and sings when he likes the song.  He loves playing with his drum toy and the shape sorter.  Recently, he has really started liking books.  He crawls to his bookshelf and pulls them all off and just looks at them.  If I grab one, he crawls over into my lap to get comfy and anxiously waits for me to start reading.  He has started to make defined consonant sounds, ma and ga and da and ba, etc.  It hard to tell just yet if he understands the word associations, but Mike and I think he does.  So if we assume that he does, than he has said 'da-da' and 'ba' for his baths (which he loves, so much so that I am devoting an entirely separate post to come later this week).  If you talk to my parents, they will adamantly state that he said 'you do it' the other weekend when they spent the night.

And here are a few more pictures in case you were able to make it through all that cuteness:

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