Monday, July 2, 2012

June Photo A Day Recap

I didn't get through all of them, but we've been getting over sicknesses for the last two plus weeks. 


morning - the morning light coming through our bathroom window

empty - we were at the park and literally no one else was there

close up


your view today - Hailey's last soccer game

best bit of your weekend - playing in the living room and just relaxing

from a low angle - its the light fixture on our ceiling fan

yellow - kangaroo paws outside my office

out and about - another trip to the park

in your bag

imperfect - I was repotting my zebra plant and left it outside while I ran to get more potting soil and Rose chewed it up.  I was so mad and sad that I cried for like 2 minutes when I got home and found it all mangled.

from a high angle (could also work for something you dont know about me) I have recently gotten really into gardening and this is my first successful attempt at propagation (creating a genetic clone of a plan through a cutting) and it is doing really well.  more details to follow in another post.

movement - Parker rolling a ball around the house, one of his favorite things

something cute - do I need to explain?  well I will add that that is face paint from the carnival they had at daycare, I don't just let my kid run around with blue stuff on his face every day, every other day maybe :)

Friend - Parker and Mr. Kitty playing together with Parker's ball

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  1. Wow you took some really awesome pictures. Love the one of the cup and of course all the ones of little Parker! He is such a cutie pie!