Thursday, April 15, 2010

My intentions...

So every great venture begins with an intent. Here I am professing mine. The dreams and ideals about my future self and the real self are slowly drifting apart, like two old friends. We recognize each other, but don't really have anything to talk about the way we used to. Soixante-Sept is a way for me to reclaim my fantasy land and possibly even help me to reorganize it into my reality. I was previously annotating my fantasy life via my moleskine, however during a canoeing trip it sustained quite a bit of water damage. I also figured, in this digital age, Soixante-Sept will survive better than the antiquated paper and pen. I do however plan to upload the scanned version of the moleskine #1 and begin moleskine #2. In reality, moleskine #2 is a way to almost erase the past and start fresh, and Soixante-Sept is a way to remember the good things from the past and leave the bad neatly tucked between the pages of my old friend and accomplice.

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