Friday, May 7, 2010

In the beginning...or is this the middle

So the idea of "Un Auto-Portrait D'Ame En Désordre" began as the theme to a documentary style book I wanted to begin writing, which was really just a collection of thoughts, experiences and interviews. An overall concept of life and the goals and philosophies that shape it. Much of this began in my moleskine and on my mac. Now that I have decided to go digital, I am uncertain if I should include the past - and in effect drudge up that which is best forgotten - in order to give the whole story, or do I let those chapters of my life lay between the pages of good old No.1 and begin again, with the same intentions, only a new shade of rose colored glasses than were previously in style? So much of before shapes the after, how can I lay that time to rest and still feel like I am being true to the effort of 'Sanity, Innovation, Communication, Documentation, Visualization, Evolution, Auto-portraiture, Chaos and that never-ending list 'Des Choses N'oublie Pas'?"

I think I will put it back in its box.

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