Friday, May 7, 2010

Les idées de ma exposition

1: Life in a Box - 50+ antique empty frames hanging on one wall [frames]

2: Un Soirée/Not without me - 10-20 plaster hands suspended in dramatic scene with wine glasses. spill wine dripping off chaise lounge (white, antique, victorian) onto the floor like a murder scene, with one silver antiques mirror on the wall [glasses, hands, chair, mirror]

3: Winds of Change - watercolor and acrylic on canvas, mountain with shadowed woman standing on top, red scarf flapping in the wind, cloudy, rainy, torrential and harsh. trash at the bottom spilling to the floor and scarf coming out of the painting with sheer cloth suspended straight out of the canvas [multimedia collage, trash, scarf]

4: Self-portrait - redo self portrait but with bigger dimension, better mechanics and actual mirrors [tank, color, mechanism, mirror]

5: Inner workings of a restless soul/Futility - Labyrinth with no end; installation maybe or 3D wall piece. [labyrinth]

6: Light at the end of the tunnel - [light, train, body]

7: Soixante-Sept/In the age of cryogenics... - [tube, old, computer, hand, cords, mirror, projection]

8: You - [cloth, coffee, cigarettes]

9: Life's Lessons - mixed media collage

10: Discover your amplitude - [giant woman, small world, average]

11: my sine curve - [sine curve slowly moving, movie of death]

12: The Archer - [arrow, broken heart, shattering]

13: Fading - girl as chicken wire person being blow away into pieces

14: One Definitive Moment - triptych, girl kneeling, rying, arm bleeding from razor on the floor - Broken/self-realization moment - still kneeling but interested in something in the distance - Moving out and moving on - standing determined

15: Desperation - [bars, beautiful scenery, reaching for the word escape]

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