Wednesday, August 18, 2010

checking in

so it seems im not so good at this whole blogging thing...i just never remember that i want to write stuff down. so to check in, it has been an extremely busy month for us and its only the 18th. our reception was great, we had a lot of people turn out and it seemed that everyone had a really fun time. thank you dennis and gloria. (still waiting on pictures) then we started moving last weekend. not so sure yet how i feel about living with mike's parents for the next few months, but i think that the end result will be well worth it. mike may move to the day shift soon, which would be an amazing turn of events for our family. friday night we will drive out to nevada for our second canoeing trip to black canyon (we went for our honeymoon and now we are taking hailey with us on the same trip) super excited for that. hailey is too, she started trying to pack this morning, it was cute. then next weekend is hailey's 8th birthday, still dont know what we are doing for her, but we'll figure out something fun. so thats its for us so far...until the next time i am procrastinating...

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