Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Fatal Distraction

In the midst of so many recent horrible things happening to children, I have become completely paranoid about the safety of mine.  Every night I wake up with a start and retrace my actions before bed, reminding myself that I did in fact check that all of the doors were locked and that everyone was safely tucked in their beds.  I never imagined how heavy the weight of the responsibility of keeping a child safe.  Last night I was telling Michael how overwhelming it can be at times for me.  Then I get in to work and read the newest post on Baby Rabies and am once again flooded with fear for my baby’s well-being.  The article referenced in the post called ‘Fatal Distraction’, a Pulitzer Prize winner, recounts several instances where children have been forgotten in their parents cars.  After reading it, I feel so strongly for these parents.  I can’t even imagine the utter despair and grief that would come with accidentally killing your child.  I look at my own personality – type-A for sure, with a strong need to control my own environment – and I worry that one day I too will forget my baby in the backseat on a hot day.  It gives me the chills.  I am thankful that for now Mike is home with Parker and I don’t have to be the one to take him to day care in the morning and pray that when that day comes, I will never be in their shoes.

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