Monday, April 9, 2012

7 Months (a few weeks late)

Parker James:
He has officially mastered crawling and DOES NOT STOP moving ever. He is so curious about everything around him and wants to touch and feel (and taste) it all.  He loves food, loves to feed himself and loves to be able to eat whatever we are eating.  He has so much personality and is a constant crack up.  Lately, I can't help but think about how big he seems lately, not just physically (and boy is he huge) but mentally.  He understands so much more and is able to communicate so much more effectively than just a few months ago.  He is starting to pull himself up and you can watch him trying to figure out how to climb things.  He is going to be such a handful when he can walk.  He loves the dogs and plays with them all the time.  He came up with a game with Rose when she is outside where he will tap on the dog door and she will tap back from the outside.  They have fun together.  In my March Photo challenge pictures, there was one of him kissing his giant monkey that he absolutely loves.  It's the only thing on our house that gets consistent hugs and kisses, makes Mike and I so jealous, but its cute to watch so we haven't 'accidentally' given it to the dogs yet. Maybe by next month, I'll be the one getting kisses everyday!!

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  1. He is absolutely precious!!! I just love him in those jammies!!