Monday, April 2, 2012

March Pic updates

So I have been ridiculously busy getting settled into my new job, and then coming home to a very energetic 7 month old (yes, I know I need to do a 7 month post) and I have been wanting to post so bad the past few weeks, but at the end of the day I am just wiped out.  I have like 5 half written posts because I start and then lose steam half way through (and then our laptop was broken for over a week from water getting spilled on it, but miraculously it just turned back on a few days ago).  So to start, here are all the pictures from the March photo challenge (yes, I am doing the April one, more details to come in another post).  Glad to be back!!


5 - a smile
Day 7 - Something You Wore

Day 8 - Window

Day 9 - Red

someone you talked to




green (not staged, Parker just has a lot of green toys)

corner of your home

kitchen sink

animal (he LOVES this stupid monkey)



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  1. Welcome back :-D I know how busy things can get! I will probably be MIA in just a little bit. I love the picture of parker!! Looks like he is crawling now. I really really love the one of him and the monkey. Soooo cute!!!