Thursday, April 12, 2012

12 To-Do's April Revisit

It's mid-April already. holy crap, it's going to be Christmas before we know it!!! Anyway, I was thinking about my 12 To-Do's in 2012, realizing that I have been falling behind lately on quite a few of the goals that I was actually doing well at the beginning of the year. So here's a quick recap:

1: Finish fixing up the guest bedroom - Mike replaced the fixtures in the bathroom that were broken and now we just really need to paint the bathroom and get some cute decorations in there. I'll say this one is a third of the way there.

2: Paint and set up the outside living room - I'm just happy we have been able to keep it relatively clean. We got almost 4 trash bags full of baby boy clothes from a family friend ranging from newborn to 24 month sizes. Our outside living room is currently bursting at the seams with baby clothes in netaly stacked piles by size on every single surface. So yeah, this one is like -15% finished.

3: Finally plant the stupid hyacinth and narcissus bulbs that have been in the cabinet for over a year in the front yard - I have done so well with my zebra plant inside, that I went out and got another potted plant for the house (for those that don't know, I pretty much kill all house plants, but I have been really working on it, so I am no longer banned by my husband from purchasing them). In the process of researching what the best conditions are for the plant that I got, I learned that both hyacinths and narcissus are plants that really only have one good bloom in them, hence why they are so cheap. So we have decided that we are not going to plant them in the yard, as it now seems to be a waste of time. But for the most part, I have scrapped this to-do.

4: Paint something worth putting up in our house - I've hardly had time to take pictures or blog, let alone paint. Maybe over the summer.

5: Take a refresher course on photography and work at taking better pictures - This is one of my to-do's that I have actually been working on constantly. I have been reading tons of tutorials in my free time (limited as it may be) and have been doing the monthly photo challenges (I don't always get a picture everyday, but I get most of them). In this last few weeks, I have actually started shooting in full manual again (for fellow photographers out there, I was shooting in Av or Tv before), and it feels so good to be able to have full control and take good pictures.

6: Find a really awesome new hiking spot (maybe even one that is less than a 45 minute drive away) - We really haven't had time for hiking lately, and it's been cold. Hopefully soon we will get out and hike again. I saw a few interesting looking hiking spots in Anaheim that I want to try once the weather gets better.

7: Wean myself off the snooze button - Um, I feel like I haven't actually taken a step backwards on this one. I have started to hit the snooze button IN MY SLEEP and I am not waking up until the snooze alarm has gone off 3-4 times. Not good. I have had to start asking Mike to set an alarm so that I can't just turn it off.

8: Create a photo collage wall for our living room - Yep, no progress on this one either.

9: Go on a vacation - this one either...

10: Start saving money for our eventual move out of California - LOL, not even close

11: Find my voice for my blog - I think that I am making good progress on this one (when I actually have time to blog)

12: Get pregnant again :) - not yet...

Wow, I guess I really need to get my act's hoping the summer month are more productive.

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  1. You will get to it and hopefully finish your list. I love this idea though of writing a list and going through it every so often. Will have to do this next year!