Friday, December 9, 2011

How is it Friday already?

I seriously cannot believe that it is Friday already. I stayed home from work yesterday to take care of sick baby and sick husband. I don't think I have ever felt more helpless than when Parker is crying bloody murder for no apparent reason and nothing seems to calm him down other than to hold him with a big warm blanket and a really tight hug all day long. He finally fell asleep for a few hours around 1 in the afternoon and so I spent that time getting the house ready for the party Saturday night.


The type-A angel on my left shoulder has been furiously arguing with the lazy-ass angel on my right about getting the house put together and decorated just right for Mike's 30th shindig but I just have to continue to remind myself that it is our friends and family coming over and if my house is not immaculate, they are all kind enough to judge me silently. And in any case, I am sure that Gloria will come in and quickly rearrange all of the decorations to make things look right anyway as she always does.

Mike still feels like crap but this weekend is going to be so busy he really isn't going to have a chance to get better any time soon - read: OMG he is going to whine for the next 5 days! I love him, but boy can he whine when he's sick. And that may sound like a complaint (and it kind of is) but in secret reality, I love it when he's sick because he just wants to cuddle!! Hopefully he feels better by tomorrow.

I still have a bunch of stuff to do: I need to go to the store to get the ingredients for my home made salsa, I have to then make the salsa, we need plates and cups because I am going to be the opposite of eco-friendly in the attempt to eliminate loads of dishes, I need to go get the stuff for drinks...I need a day in between Friday and Saturday, that's what I really need.

If having a baby has taught me anything so's how to let the small stuff go - read: ignore the Chocolate tumbleweeds drifting across our living room floor even though people are coming over...

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  1. I hate having a sick baby and I am going through the same thing right now! I barely got a shower in with feverish little Cindy wanting to be held all day long. But boy you have two sick ones YIKES you have your hands full but I am sure you are managing it like a pro :D. Having a kid definitely helps you let go of the little things! I am sure the party will be wonderful :-D and he will appreciate you putting it together and not that the house is perfect.

    Thanks for the tip on the invites. I like the glitter idea!! I am printing about 100 since it's only $10 so the feasibility might be difficult hehe. Esp since I will be adding the ribbon to them. But we shall see I really like the idea.