Sunday, December 18, 2011

Love-Hate Relationships and Monday Mornings

Love:  sweet baby gummy smiles
Hate:  sweet baby gummy mouth trying to bite off the food-knobs

Love: watching our dogs play together in the backyard
Hate: looking out into the backyard to find the dogs playing together with all the dirty diapers from the trash bag I quickly set down to tend to the baby for 5 minutes before taking it outside

Love: sweet baby hands grasping for toys and holding my fingers
Hate: sharp baby claws on sweet baby hands stabbing the heck out of me

Love: the fact that I got to go shopping by myself for an hour and half this weekend
Hate: the holiday crowds I had to fight through to do it

Love: Watching Elf
Hate: that the song "I'm here...with my dad...and we've never met...and he wants me to sing him a I'm here now...and I'm singing...and I love you...I love you....I LOVE YOU" always gets stuck in my head for at least a week

Love: getting a paycheck
Hate: coming to work on Monday mornings

Nana's 80th Birthday Party

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