Monday, December 5, 2011

Monday Mornings Seem to Come Too Fast

Another Monday morning has graced us with it's presence. Another week has completely flown by with little more than a 'hey, how ya doin'? Gotta go.' Another year has almost done the same. It's December 5th and I look at the calendar for the rest of the month and realize that with how busy we are, it will be January before I realize it. Tonight we are going to get our tree. Wednesday is my holiday party for work. Friday we are going ice skating at the Mission Inn with Dennis and Gloria and Christa, Todd and the boys. Saturday morning we are decorating the tree (I spent the weekend decorating the rest of the house), Saturday afternoon Gloria is taking Hailey to some tree thing that she has told me about at least three times but I can't seem to remember to save my life, and Saturday night is Mike's 30th birthday party. Then next Wednesday is his actual birthday, so we will have our traditional birthday breakfast in the morning and probably have Dennis and Gloria over for dinner. It's also Belle's (my sister) 16th birthday on Wednesday. Then Friday is Dennis's birthday, and Saturday is Nana's birthday party. Then the next week calms down a little bit except for last minute Christmas shopping and then its already Christmas Eve. We will do Christmas eve and probably most of Christmas day at our house. We won't get Hailey until the afternoon. Then the day after Christmas we will go to Palmdale to celebrate with my parents. The next day is Parker's 4-month check up. And then we have a few days until 2012. Geez it's going to be a busy month.

I just have to remember to stop and smell the roses.

On another note, I got the horrible pictures printed as 4x6's and they aren't so bad of you don't look too close.


  1. I know what you mean about the busy month! Ack, will the madness ever end hehe. Your little man looks so cute though! Look at how big he is already and I am LOVING those pjs!