Monday, December 12, 2011

Late Monday (err...Tuesday) mornings....

Yesterday I just did not get to this - Hulu Plus on the xbox and a 'Once Upon a Time' marathon (our new favorite show, its really awesome, btw) with my hubby kept me otherwise engaged - so I am going to back track a bit.

Yesterday was December 12th and this day has been a really special day for me over the past few years.  December 12, 2008, Mike and I met on a plane to Nashville, TN and have been together ever since.  December 12, 2010, we found out about Parker and our lives changed forever.  December 12, 2011, Parker rolled over - I know this really isn't high on my 'life events' list but nonetheless its a first for Parker so I thought I'd include it.  Mike was able to get it on video for me, and he did it again when I got home from work.  He is just getting so big - 16 weeks today - and I cannot believe its been that long. It is such a double-edged sword: on one hand I will miss the tiny baby that just lays in my arms and smiles but on the other hand I am so excited for all the things that Mike and I get to share and teach him.  He figured out the mechanics of grasping toys a few weeks ago and now he's rolling over...before I know it he will be walking.

Today I am teaching 'Great Works of Art' in Hailey's class - her teacher convinced me to volunteer for it when I was on maternity leave and this will be the first time I do it since I have gone back to work.  It's pretty easy, I just read a script about famous artists and show them a few famous pieces and then they get to try to do their own.  It's definitely a bird's eye view of great works of art, but I am happy that the public schools make an effort to introduce the kids to the arts.

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  1. Awww how precious!! Boy how time flies doesn't it and you are right before you know it he will be walking!! I think that is amazing that you two met on Dec 12 and found out about Parker on Dec 12! That is crazy.