Wednesday, January 4, 2012

12 To-Do's for 2012

Inspired by Jill at Baby Rabies here are my short and simple 12 To-Do's for 2012

1: Finish fixing up the guest bedroom - We have been working on this redo for over a year now and when we got close to the end we lost all motivation.

2: Paint and set up the outside living room - We have started setting up our detached garage (that was previously converted to a music recording studio) into a kids room/outside living room.  But it really needs a paint job, new carpet and new furniture.

3: Finally plant the stupid hyacinth and narcissus bulbs that have been in the cabinet for over a year in the front yard - I have seriously had these things forever and I keep telling Michael that I am going to plant them and then I forget.

4: Paint something worth putting up in our house - Every once in a while, when I have free time, I will actually paint something on canvas, but it's never wall material.  This will be my year.

5: Take a refresher course on photography and work at taking better pictures -  I took years of photography classes in high school and college, but have forgotten everything but the basics.

6: Find a really awesome new hiking spot (maybe even one that is less than a 45 minute drive away) -  We love to hike, but our favorite spots are such a long drive that we don't go as often as we'd like.  Can't wait to move out of California!!

7: Wean myself off the snooze button - the snooze button is the bane of my existence, I am ALWAYS late to EVERYTHING because I love the snooze button.

8: Create a photo collage wall for our living room -  I've been collecting frames, plates and other display-able oddities for a while now but need to finally put everything up.

9:  Go on a vacation - We haven't been on a really nice vacation, well, ever, but this year we are thinking about going to Colorado next winter.

10: Start saving money for our eventual move out of California  - Mike and I have been talking about moving out of Cali within the next 3-5 years for ages, and I know that the one thing that will hold us back 3-5 years from now is the perception that we can't afford the actual move.  So I want to start saving now, even if its only $20.

11:  Find my voice for my blog - I have really started to enjoy blogging and have found a few that I really enjoy reading.  I think with a little time and practice, I can really develop my writing skills.

12: Get pregnant again :)  - yep we want number 2 (known as TBD in our house) to be really close in age to Parker.  Our plan is to start legitimately trying for another baby this summer.


  1. For one you are a wonderful writer and I love reading your blog and about your family.

    I am with you on baby number 2... I blame baby fever and with the snooze button.

    I hope you get your vacation even if it is a little one because everyone deserves a vacation.

    Saving is tough but you can do it!! :-D This book helped us get our finances in order so I thought I would mention it Dave Ramsey Total Money Makeover.

    And I hope you finish all that is on your list!

  2. thank you Patty, I love your blog too :) I will have to check out that book, thanks for the recommendation.