Tuesday, January 31, 2012

12 To-Do's revisited

First of all I have to say that I have been so exhausted lately.  Last week Mike and I got barely any sleep after our coffee debacle.  For those of you who didn't hear the story, I will recap.  We decided to put something on before bed and choose an episode of 'How It Works' on Netflix all about coffee.  OMG it was fascinating, we learned some really interesting stuff, including the fact that we have been making coffee wrong since forever and that if you want to make really good coffee a french press works way better.  After the episode, we were both craving a cup of coffee so we indulged ourselves and made a pot with our new-found knowledge on the proper cup of coffee.  Apparently, when coffee is made correctly it is actually capable of keeping me awake...until 3am.  Mike didn't fall asleep until close to 5:30am.  We were completely wired.  So that was the first night of no sleep, and then pretty much everyday after that we haven't been able to get into a deep sleep easily.  Every morning I have been setting my alarm for 5am so that Mike and I can wake up early and do P90X, but for the last few weeks either we are too exhausted or that's about the time Parker is waking up to eat so we don't have time.  I have always felt that exercising is one of those things that on first thought it seems that it will make you more tired but when you really get into a good routine you actually have more energy.  But I just can't seem to get back on track with working out.

Looking back at my 12 To-Do's I realized that I didn't do a single thing during the month of January on my list.  But I did find the awesomeness of Pinterest which I will blame for my overall lack of productiveness this month.  However, for February I have decided to do a couple of things to accomplish something on my list.  This month I will participate in the February NaBloPoMo which challenges blogger to write a daily post throughout the month.  This month's theme is RELATIVE so family members be warned that gossip will ensue (at least the funny kind will). 

This month I also plan to take on the February Photo Challenge.  I haven't decided if I will do Instagram photos or actually use the DSLR.  Instagram would be easier and get me in the habit of daily photos, but the DLSR would force me to relearn some techniques.  I have a day to decide I guess.