Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Once Upon A Time

This weekend was busy to say the least. Saturday we had a bunch of errands and cleaning, and then Sunday we had to finish up Hailey's science project.  Dear God that was a pain in the butt, not the project itself, but the last minute report we didn't know about and putting it all together.  Our computer crashed, so the word document with all the work she had already done was lost.  Luckily I printed a copy and sent it with her to Bethany's house, so we were able to get that back and retype.  We were using Gloria's laptop, which I quickly found did not have Word on it, so I had to use Google docs.  Which is fine, it just isn't as easy to use as Word in terms of formatting.  I got frustrated using Google docs so I decided to take Hailey to my work to use my computer there, but the stairwells were locked and the elevator wasn't working so we had to turn around and go back home.  Luckily a few of Gloria's friends who were at her house had a laptop with them that had Word on it, so we used that and finished formatting the report.  Then after a nice dinner at Dennis and Gloria's with Christa, Todd, Jim, Jane and Ann, we went home, printed everything and glued it to her display board.  Before bed Mike says to me, "it looks a lot better than I thought it would."  Thanks babe! (that was dripping with sarcasm in case the italics didn't speak for themselves).

And work has been really busy since we got back from the holiday break.  Blegh...

Moving quickly past work (otherwise I could go on and on complaining but I am trying to do that less these days).  Last night marked the return of our newest obsession, Once Upon A Time.  I swear all weekend long, Mike and I kept "Guess What?  We get to watch Once Upon A Time on Monday"-ing each other - sad, but true.  It's pretty much the greatest show recently (I would say ever but that;s probably a stretch).  Quick plot summary is that Snow White's evil step-mom has cast a spell over all fairy-tale characters, trapping them in time and making them forget who they are.  The queen adopts a little boy whose real mom is the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming that they sent away before the spell took effect because she is supposed to save them all.  The little boy finds her and brings her to the town and as soon as she arrives, things start changing.  In each episode, they flip flop between a different fairy tale character's back story and the present time plot in the town where the evil witch is mayor and the woman (Cameron from House) tries to become a decent role model for her birth son while going head to head with the mayor.  Really great show.  We don't have cable though - haven't for a few years now, we just use Netflix and Hulu, since we don't really watch TV all that often - so it makes the wait for the new episode that much longer.  Like I said...current obsession. 

Speaking of current obsessions...Pinterest is going to ruin my life.  In general, I am a very productive person.  I get really antsy if I don't have something to do.  But lately I have been spending HOURS browsing on Pinterest.  I'm not joking...HOURS.  It's surprising for me since I am someone with the attention span of a gnat when it comes to most things - I rarely watch movies because I can hardly sit through an entire one, shows are more my thing, because the plot changes after 30 minutes.  It's just too good.  I was telling Mike last night that Pinterest is so amazing on one hand because it seems to really suit my short term attention span with all sorts of random things to occupy me and yet on the other hand it is the biggest freaking time-suck ever invented.  I get on my phone and its like 8:30 at night, I think I've been on for 30 minutes, look at the clock and it's almost 11.  I'm like holy cr*p Batman, where did the time go?  What's a girl to do?

 I'll end with a few of my favorite pictures of Parker recently (oh and by the way, as of yesterday we can see the bottom two teeth under the gums, any day now!!)
Puppy Love - they are nuzzling up and playing here

Parker in his Jumperoo
Parker in his Jumperoo after 10 minutes


  1. Oh my gosh, the pictures are so darling! He is getting so big and very handsome might I say!!! I hate when computers don't have word, you poor thing. AND the hours on pintrest is exactly the reason why I have stayed away lol. I don't know how much longer I can hold it though.

  2. its pretty awesome, and you are crafty, stay away as long as you can