Wednesday, February 1, 2012

5 Months (a little late)

So I am a little behind on Parker's 5 month post, but as I exclaimed last night when Mike and I got in the car after departing the Apple store 'Yay, I'm a llama again!!' - here of course llama is meant to represent the proud owner of a functioning laptop, and bonus points to people who get that reference - so posting a relative photo dump isn't such a pain.

So what's new you ask?

He has officially found his feet and thinks that they are both fascinating and delicious. Tummy time is no longer the bane of his existence and we now wrestle - especially when I am changing a diaper - to keep him on his back. His little gray gorilla and football are his two favorite toys and he recognizes them from a distance. He loves to eat pretty much everything. His jumperoo was one of the best investments Mike and I made; he loves to jump and play with all of the little pieces on it, and when he gets tired of playing he will put his hands down and just lay back and relax in the seat. Overall he is a really easy going and happy baby.

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  1. Look at that sweet face!!! Love the big picture in the collage. This makes me have baby fever! Ahh... I love it. I said the same thing about Cindy's jumperoo and looks like someone will be switching to pull ups soon ;-) more costly but when he starts standing worth every penny!