Thursday, February 2, 2012


As I said the other day, I am participating in the February NaBloMoPo 'relative' themed challenge.  So today's prompt is 'tell us about your Dad'

So my relationship with my Dad has been a tumultuous one at times, but we have come a very long way.  Three years ago when I thought about or was asked about my Dad, I would gravitate towards the negative.  And that is really all that I saw.  I am happy to say that this is not the case anymore.  When I look back on the challenges we had with each other when I was younger, I recognize that I in no way made life easy on him and can see that my own insecurities caused me to read into situations the wrong way.  These days, I can look back and remember the afternoons of yard work bonding over cool new music and the sudden trips to 7/11 to get nachos drenched in cheese and jalapenos and sunflower seeds (not on the nachos of course).  I can remember the dates to get sushi, just the two of us and a ton of other great memories that until recently I never gave him credit for.

My Dad is not the most extroverted of people, but I watch the way he is with my husband and kids and appreciate the effort he puts in to developing a relationship with them.  It always puts a smile on my face when we come back from visiting and Hailey and Tristan are full of little things about Grandpa Aaron, his cool music equipment, letting them sing into his microphone for hours, etc because I feel like their appreciation of him makes up for my lack thereof as a kid, even if he doesn't see it.  I watch him playing with Parker and am truly happy that Parker will him as a grandpa.

So that's the back story and here's the answer:
My Dad is freaking hilarious, an amazing musician, a hard worker, a supportive husband, a loving father and an awesome grandpa.

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