Tuesday, February 21, 2012

IKEA Photo Challenge

So we had a very busy (but still surprisingly relaxing) weekend.  On Saturday we had another 'Bri's epic fail' moment when I had us drive all the way out to Pasadena to go to Old Town, which I thought was kind of like Old Town San Diego.  I went several years back with a friend from college and remembered it being like an Olvera St but western themed, but apparently, I went somewhere else.  So we get there and Mike just looks at me with this face of 'seriously, you did this again?'  I'm prone to sending on on wild goose chases for imaginary tourist spots.  So we get out of the car and start to walk towards this museum, that I am trying to tell Mike must be a children's museum because I know there is one in Pasadena and I saw very large posters with kids on them, so that of course means its the children's museum.  Wrong.  We walk in and there is an exhibit which looks like it is going to be very kid friendly, and as Hailey runs in we see the "Viewer Discretion Advised" sign and quickly call her back and turn around to walk back to the car.  Mike of course teases me about my inability to successfully plan these kinds of outings and I take it moderately well (and by this I mean I only pout a little).  So then I convince him to go to IKEA, which next to Disneyland the DMV is his most least favorite place on earth.  So we drive to the IKEA and walk around.  Before we left the house, I made up a list of ten random things for Hailey and I to use in a photo challenge/scavenger hunt while in Pasadena.  We decide to try out the photo hunt in IKEA.  Other than the fact that it was ridiculously packed and that Mike looked like he was going to jump off a bridge the entire time we were there, Hailey and I had fun running around the store taking random pictures.  Neither of us finished everything on the list, because after about an hour and a half Mike was completely over it and we just needed to be done.  We followed it up with dinner at our second favorite dumpling house in Chino as a celebration dinner because momma got the job :)

Anyway, our list was: makes you smile, color, light, something you love, nature, close-up, something old, water, reflection, you

like I said, neither of us finished because Mike couldn't take it anymore but here are the results of our little photo scavenger hunt:



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  1. Oh my gosh how fun!! looks like your mistake turned out just fine :-D. Randy hates Ikea too so we can only go once in awhile but I sure do love it there. Congrats on getting the job!!!