Saturday, February 4, 2012

Mike's surgery

Mike had oral surgery yesterday to remove a molar that shattered after his crown came off.  The surgery itself was pretty quick (seeing as shards of his broken tooth had come out of his mouth already).  They put him under and boy was he loopy when I brought him.  I thought he was going to be really whiny (because he had been all week long leading up to it...'hunnaaayyyyy, they are going to stab me,' 'hunnaaaayyyy, why are you going to let them stab me')  but he was really good.  He played on the Xbox for like 10 hours.  He's doing well now, minimal swelling and eating just fine.


  1. LOL the whining quotes made me laugh! Good to know he is doing better.

    1. yeah, he makes me laugh, hopefully that's is intent otherwise he's not so good at the whole whining thing