Monday, February 13, 2012


So I have really been picking and choosing the prompts that I will use for NaBloPoMo, mainly because some of them don't apply or I just don't want to get into or I want to put real thought into what I say rather than pump something out.  But today I am going to write about my mom.

My mom and I have always been very close.  She has always been supportive, even when I was a huge pain in the ass.  When I was younger, I don't think I was able to truly appreciate the things that she did for me like pushing me to do better when I wanted to be lazy or taking the time to stop and really listen when I would talk about my life and my day at school.  I look back at these things that are intangible, but meant so much, and I strive to be a mom just like her: to always push my kids to be their best, to always really listen, to love no matter the challenges, to always make my kids a priority regardless of the hurricanes of everyday life.  I can honestly say that without my mom, my life would be very different today and not in the good way.  She instilled a sense of ambition in me that I don't think I will ever shake.  For that and her unconditional love, I will always be grateful. 
And as a grandma, she's always so thoughtful and attentive, even if she does effectively steal my baby for 8 hours straight :)


  1. I love these posts! So sweet :-D And oh my gosh you look so much like your mom!!

    1. yeah, I've been hearing that since I was really little :)