Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Photography has always been something that I love.  In high school I did some photography (in the IB program you don't exactly have a lot of flexibility when it comes to your electives, but in the IB art classes I took I dabbled with some guidance).  In college, I took a ton of photography classes, and loved it.  At one point, right before I ended up moving out of Claremont, I was working with the local gallery there to be a part of an exhibit.  But then life happened and I moved and pretty much got swept up in other things.  And I wouldn't say my passion diminished, but my time followed closely by my skill set definitely did.  Then I commandeered my MIL's nice hand-me-down Rebel and have been trying to find the time to get back into photography and relearn the more advanced techniques.  I decided to participate in the February Photo Challenge but am having a hard time not only finding the time to take pictures but I am having a hard time not being so critical about the photos I take.  I know it will take practice to get back to where I was, able to quickly and easily compose a great shot and getting all the settings right in just a few test shots.  I NEVER used the auto setting.  Now I use it all the time and it just feels lazy.  I am trying to cut myself slack, so I guess this is my disclaimer for tomorrow's February challenge photo dump.

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