Sunday, February 12, 2012

I'm Back

Okay, so I have been taking a break from blogging and facebook and all that the last few days because I was preparing for a really big interview on Friday.  I am applying for a job within my company that would be a big but not unrealistic jump up in title, responsibility and pay.  The interview went well; they didn't ask me any of the questions I had prepared for but because I had been compiling answers to common questions for a few days, answers came quickly and easily.  They are looking to bring a finalist back next week with a proposed start date of March 1.  So for the praying kind, please put me on your list and for the non-praying kind, please keep me in your thoughts.

Last night, Mike and I went out on a real date.  It was the first time since probably November 2010 that we have gone out and gotten drinks just the two of us for a date.  We went to the Sire, our favorite little dive bar, but because his license expired in December and he hasn't gone to get it renewed yet, they kicked us out.  It was annoying but funny, Mike just kept saying that he couldn't believe he was getting kicked out of a bar at 30 years old.  So instead, we went to El Torito and shared a pitcher of margaritas and an appetizer sampler.  So perfect.

I am still taking pictures for the February Photo Challenge, and I'll do a picture dump soon.

Stinky baby is still so close to crawling, but he just can't figure out the forward momentum.  He gets really frustrated because he knows what he wants to do but just can't figure it out.  Its like tummy time. He hated it and would get frustrated, but after a few days of letting him just work it out for himself he was able to figure out what to do and loves it now.  Hopefully it will be the same with crawling.


  1. First off, that picture is so STINKIN CUTE!!!!!!!! Secondly, I will be praying for you and I hope you get the job! You are doing a great job with the little man mommy.